A Look At The Best Workout Routines For Moms

fitness photoWhen it comes to the best workout routines for moms, there are quite a few options. In this article, we will look at these workout routines that will undoubtedly help you to lose any of that extra fat that comes with pregnancy or just being a busy mom. Many of the best workouts are ones that be done in 15 – 45 minutes since most moms don’t have much time to workout. However, don’t think that you need to work out for hours in order to get your dream body. Once you properly use the time you have available and watch your diet, you will achieve your fitness and body goals.

Now, one of the best type of workout routines is HIIT cardio. This basically means high intensity interval training where you train a particular exercise at high intensity for a small period of time, followed by rest that is no more than double that time. For example, if you’re doing a jumping jack HIIT routine, then you can do jumping jacks for 30 seconds followed by 30 seconds of rest. After the rest period is complete, you can do another 30 seconds of jumping jacks and then rest again for the same period. You can then repeat this exercise for as long as you like, however, the optimal time range for HIIT is between 15 and 45 minutes. You will be able to burn tons of calories and lose weight as quickly as possible. However, it is advisable that you don’t do HIIT more than 4 times per week.
fitness photo

Another great workout routine for moms is Zumba. This is basically an aerobic exercise, however, it is targeted to people that aren’t very fit or simply don’t like exercising. I don’t know about you, but exercising isn’t my favorite thing to do! As a result, Zumba is a great option for the mom that wants to ease back into exercising or just wants to have fun while doing so. Zumba classes are basically aerobic dance classes and it is a good activity to do with your friends or you can even make new friends in most Zumba classes.

In summary, we have just looked at the best workout routines for moms. Sure, working out is tough, but it can be done. Once you start and make it a part of your daily life, you will become accustomed and even look forward to your workout as a source of stress relief. Once you are consistent in your efforts, you will soon see a difference in how you look and feel.

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